Settling a Serious Car Accident Claim in Utah
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Because Utah is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents, most people who are involved in minor crashes will be paid by their own insurance company. However, when the crash results in serious injuries that require an immediate hospital stay or ongoing medical care, an injured driver or passenger may need to deal with the other party's insurance provider. Since this is usually more complicated and people in this situation tend to be focused on recovering from their injuries, it might be beneficial to hire a Car Accident Lawyer to help.

Accident Laws

Everyone who drives a car in the state of Utah is required to take financial responsibility if they are in an accident. Most people do this by purchasing an auto insurance policy but some people use a surety bond or state treasury certificate to meet the requirement. This law ensures that car accidents do not cause undue financial hardship on residents. If an accident occurs, drivers are required to report it immediately if there was more than $1,500 in damage or someone in either car was injured. Because it's difficult to know exactly how much damage was caused, most people report accidents if there appears to be any damage or injuries.

Craig Swapp and Associates reviews

Accident Settlements

The first step to settling an accident claim that involves serious injuries is to hire an attorney. Accident victims should ensure the attorney they hire has experience handling the type of claim they need to file and they can do that by reading Craig Swapp and Associates reviews. Knowing the attorney they choose has successfully settled their type of case regularly may give a victim peace of mind while they focus on keeping medical appointments and recovering. Checking the reviews on that were written by former clients can be a great starting point for a person who needs a lawyer.

Settling an accident claim should not be more painful than the injuries caused by the crash. Injured drivers and passengers who need a lawyer to help them get the money to pay their bills should read Craig Swapp reviews before they hire an attorney to represent them. There are time limits for filing claims and it's important to have an experienced attorney who knows the rules to stand by a client's side as they navigate the complex insurance and legal system. People rarely go through this more than once in their lifetime but reputable lawyers handle cases like theirs nearly every day.

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